19th September 2019 Thursday 24th Week of Ordinary Time - St. Januarius

1 Timothy 4:12-16, Luke 7:36-50

“Seeking for mercy”
Jesus knew what Simon the Pharisee and even the rest of the onlookers were thinking about when they saw the women at His feet. He then told a parable to teach them an important lesson - i.e. real love comes from a heart that is forgiven.

Today, Jesus invites us to acknowledge our need for God’s merciful love and to experience ourselves being forgiven, again and again. It is when our hearts are touched by God’s love that we have time to love others, and not judge them.

Let us be drawn by the power of mercy!

Questions for reflection:
1) Do I find myself judging others often? Do I acknowledge my need for God and His mercy?

2) What is Jesus’ message for me as to how to live my life today?