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2nd November 2018 Friday 30th Week in Ordinary Time - All Souls’

Isaiah 25:6-9, Romans 5:5-11, Mark 15:33-39,16:1-6
“Death gives birth to life”
As we celebrate All Souls’ Day, we remember our loved ones who have gone ahead of us. While we remember the departed and pray for them to be with God, let us not forget that we are also called to the same preparation of our hearts today. We are invited and called to the same total transformation of our minds and our hearts each day.

In the process of transformation, we will also experience many moments of ‘dying’; dying to our ego, our laziness, our desire to stay in our comfort zone, our desire to compare against others. As we continue on our faith journey, let us not be alarmed or afraid to be continually transformed by Jesus. Even in the moments of darkness, we can take each step in trust and peace knowing that our search for Jesus does not end in an empty tomb but in an encounter with Jesus, the person who is alive.

Questions for reflection:
1) Am I searching for Jesus in an empty tomb?

2) How is Jesus inviting me to be transformed by His life today?