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13th November 2018 Tuesday 32nd Week in Ordinary Time

Titus 2:1-8,11-14, Luke 17:7-10
“We are God’s servants”
In every moment of our life, we are called to be at the service of God as well as to God through others. Everything we give to Him is simply a small part of all what He has already generously given to us.

Each of us struggle with different obstacles that make us put limits and conditions to our service to God and to God through others.

Today, Jesus presents Himself as the servant who comes to our life to serve and love us. He waits on us so that we can follow and imitate His humble service of love.

Questions for reflection:
1) What is the struggle that I have that prevents me from seeking to serve God and others with humility and love?

2) How can I be God’s servant today?