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21st August 2019 Wednesday 20th Week of Ordinary Time - St. Pius X

Judges 9:6-15, Matthew 20:1-16

“The Generous Landowner”
Jesus tells us this parable to show us that God has a different logic than the world’s. God is like this landowner whose generosity extends to every person. He gives one denarius of His love and mercy to those who are worthy as well as to those who are not.

“Why be envious because I am generous?”

Today, we are called to rejoice and give thanks to God for His love that is so generous and rich in mercy.

God pursues all - the saints and the sinners among us - in order to bring each of us always to a deeper encounter from the stage where we are.

Questions for reflection:
1) Have I ever experienced God’s generous love in my life? How can I be generous to others in the same way God is to me?