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Wednesday, 11 September
Colossians 3:1-11, Luke 6:20-26

A Life with God’s Joy
Jesus offers us the Beatitudes as our way of life that brings us to possess fullness of joy that the world can never give us. Let us today be still and quiet. Let Jesus speak to us about what it means to live a life with God’s joy.

Jesus’ way to happiness is for us to choose to live a life of simplicity, a life hungering for justice, a life weeping in solidarity with those who are suffering. To live the Beatitudes implies that we first have to die to our desire for worldly riches, fame, popularity and power. We follow Jesus who lived His life among the marginalized, and who did not desire to use His power and influence to seek His own glory, but to relieve the suffering of those in need. Jesus chose to live for God and for others. We need to let Jesus show us another path to happiness that the world can never give us.

Question for reflection:
1) Am I willing to walk the path of the Beatitudes?