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24th September 2019 Tuesday 25th Week of Ordinary Time

Ezra 6:7-8,12,14-20, Luke 8:19-21

“Belonging to God’s Family”
Jesus was a loving son to Mary, His mother. He would never have the heart to insult or hurt the woman who loved Him so much. Rather, He wanted the crowd around Him to grasp the new reality of what it meant to be in the new family of God. In God’s family, they were united as one, not by blood ties, but by their desire to do God’s will. God would be their loving Father and they would be brothers and sisters to each other. No one was better than the other. No one would be honoured more than the other. As children of God, they would do the Father’s will of loving and serving all without discrimination or segregation.

We too have a place in God’s family. As brothers and sisters to Jesus, our top priority is to seek and do God’s will. His will is for us to live a life of love and humble service. Today, we are His children and this is the source of our contentment and peace.

Question for reflection:
1) How can I not take for granted being part of God’s family?