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30th October 2019 Wednesday 30th Week of Ordinary Time

Romans 8:26-30, Luke 13:22-30

“A narrow door”
‘Try your best to enter by the narrow door...’ What is this narrow door that Jesus spoke about in today’s gospel passage?
This narrow door that we, as His disciples, are called to strive to enter is the narrow door of love. Love somehow narrows our lives. For example, when a child falls ill, parents sacrifice time to care for him/her. When an elderly parent’s mind becomes feeble, the caregiver puts in extra patience to love. An unfaithful spouse, a misunderstood colleague, a depressed neighbour - the only way in is through the narrow door of love. Love that is patient, trusting, kind, forgiving, courageous, peaceful, faithful and self-giving. Entering into this narrow door of love makes us people of depth and maturity.

Question for reflection:
1) What prevents me from entering the narrow door of love?


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