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Friday, 13 September, St. John Chrysostom
1 Timothy 1:1-2,12-14, Luke 6:39-42

The splinter and plank

In today’s gospel passage, Jesus invites us to go out and encounter others, without judging them but by accepting them as our brothers and sisters. We cannot see what goes on inside each person. We do not know all the facts of each person’s story. Therefore, let us stop focussing on other people’s sins because this does not make us into saints. Instead, let us grow in love.

Jesus calls us to stay close to Him and experience ourselves being deeply loved despite our own brokenness, scars and weaknesses. He is merciful to us even though we struggle with our imperfections. He knows every plank and splinter of sin we have within us which we perhaps might not even recognise in ourselves. Jesus, with His tender love, desires to remove them so that we can relate freely with others without judging them.

Questions for reflection:
1) Do I tend to judge and see others at their worst?
2) How can I grow in love?